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Abdullah Al-Ameer 18-Sep-2017

Amazing place. Traditional japaniese style.

Abdullah Al-Ameer 03-Oct-2017

Aspire Masjid is one of the only 2 Masjids in Qatar where the Friday sermon is delivered in English by renowned scholars from around the world.

Abdullah Al-Ameer 03-Oct-2017

This is one of the unique places of Doha where you can feel how things were 15-20 years ago in this city. You can buy bulk produce or fishes , etc. It\\\'s crowded and traffic moves randomly. So be careful. Smell of the ripe fruits are great, but smell of the fish market is awful!

Abdullah Al-Ameer 03-Oct-2017

Very practical for nearby residents. Easy to access and park. However you can\\\'t find absolutely everything you need. It works well as a grocery store for daily needs.