Dawati Motto

When we look at we have created at Dawati.net, we are proud to have introduced technology to help Muslims around the world take care of the Society around them. A social network crossing through 54 Muslim Countries and around the world which we live in, crossing the six continents. Spreading the word of Allah all Mighty and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad MPUH through a platform enhancing how business and advertising should be utilized. Allowing customers to get information at the same time to the Malls, Shopping Centers and separate standalone stores. Advertising that stands the test of our religious beliefs. As well a useful service to teach our families and children the importance of the Islamic teachings of how to shop. With positive messages arriving to customers mobile phones directly about the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad MPUH.

We have also created a special tool that works to bring societies together interacting with one another as Neighbors. 7th Neighbor is a breakthrough service that allows us to teach our families and children the importance of being a Neighbor. Realizing the importance of the Islamic way of life. Creating such a resource and allowing people to interact through the application with their Neighbors is truly a positive social experiment. Letting individuals become more friendly with one another meeting, cooperating and supporting each other in a Brotherly fashion, abiding by the teachings of Allah all Mighty and His Prophet Mohamed MPUH. Establishing in ourselves, Wives, Sons and Daughters a common practice to do well by our societies and those who share the close vicinity of our homes, treating them with respect, sharing with them our times, celebrations, our food etc. Be kind to one’s Neighbor is a belief across other belief systems and we encourage people of all faiths to join us in utilizing Dawati.net 7TH Neighbor. Here at Dawati.net, we are creating initiatives to spread through Societal spectrums, we know that Health and Leisure time, encourage a good healthy way of living. Thereby in our quest to service this aspect we are inviting Sports Clubs on National level to encourage there spectators to participate and create awareness in there geographical positions on the importance of Neighborhoods. As we are aware lots of the Clubs across the Islamic World are located in specific Neighborhoods and their fans are usually in surrounding Neighborhoods, through our application they can set up open lines of communication spreading positive messaging and the principles we encourage at Dawati.net. Ministerial Municipalities across the Islamic World will be able to do the same, each Municipality through our technology can target their own neighborhoods with positive messaging as well, allowing people information that is vital to inhabitants of those areas. Dawati.net is trying to change the way people communicate with our GPS Messaging system, messages can be pushed through our portal. What are you waiting for become one of our Loyal Users and download Dawati.net. Support us in becoming the most widely used Application in the Islamic World and globally.