How to Wear Ihram

  1. Prepare two pieces of plain white cloths which are without any hems, seams or buttons. The wraparound is called the Izar and the robe is called Rida’.
  2. Wrap the Izar around the waist covering the area between the navel and feet.
  3. Fasten the belt or clips around the Izar to avoid it slipping off.
  4. Hold the Rida’ horizontally behind your back like wearing a cape and bring the left top end over your shoulder towards your right armpit.
  5. Bring the other end from below your right armpit towards over your left shoulder. Your entire left shoulder area should be completely covered, with your right shoulder bare.
  6. Tie or clip the ends behind your back to secure it. The Rida would be big and wide enough to go across your back.
  7. Opt for footwear that reveals the ankles and toes
  8. Wear loose fitting clothing/robe that covers the whole body except for the hands and face that should remain exposed.
  9. The clothing/robe can have seams and buttons but should be free of adornments and recommended to be in white or black.